3. Grace Nakimura vs. John Wilkes (Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned)

Grace Nakimura already showed a few moves in the finale of GK1, but it didn’t work that well for her then. Fortunately, in the game’s second sequel she gets a chance to prove her skills again. This time, she is at the end a really annoying day, when she among other things overheard Gabriel calling her a chastity belt. She decides to give a try a late evening date with an Australian treasure hunter John Wilkes, who hints at having some important information. The Australian offers to show Grace some cool seismographic charts in his room but then he quickly turns his interest to rude advancements towards her. It’s hard to say exactly what technique has Grace employed here to deliver her definite answer. Maybe it’s judo, maybe karate or something else entirely, but it’s certainly effective and visually striking (in the blink of an eye there appears an impact flash emphasizing the blow). One thing is sure, it’s a technique the person subjected to certainly walks away at least with a long period back pain. In the case of the drunken Wilkes it all finishes with him spread unconscious on the floor.

At the end of the game Grace seems to have decided to travel to a Tibetan Lama  for further teachings. Who knows with what new martial arts skills she could return in Gabriel Knight 4?

Technique: Jujitsu?

Interactivity: 0%

2. Tex Murphy vs. The Black Arrow Killer (Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive)


Tex Murphy game series should get a special recognition here – it has more great martial arts scenes than most other adventure game series, especially the kind of fight scenes that happen on the rooftops. For example, in Tex Murphy: Overseer – a sequel/prequel to Pandora our favorite detective from the future goes against a hitman from Interpol’s ten most wanted list – Big Jim Slade, confronting him in hand-to-hand combat on top of a clock tower. Yet Jim’s high kicks are nothing compared to the Ninja-like Black Arrow Killer that Tex must deal with on top of Rusty’s Fun House in Pandora Directive. What’s especially cool is that you have to carefully sneak around the back of your opponent and Thief-like reach an appropriate position for a surprise attack. Be careful: If the BAK notices you because of your clumsiness, he will shoot ya. The fight that ensues goes on for hours and Tex must use pieces of environment to hold his own against a pro. Ultimately, the classic combination trenchcoat + gravity does the trick.

Technique: Fan-created Ninjutsu-like style + Stage Fatality

Interactivity: 15%

1. Bernard vs. Oozo the Clown (Day of the Tentacle)


A great many people look up to The Purple Tentacle as the greatest villain of Day of The Tentacle and the main opponent of the heroic trio of teenagers who are mankind’s only hope to save the world by traveling a certain well-known mansion throughout time. Yet one of the three – Bernard – has a much more personal nemesis at one point in the game. Since early childhood has been constantly taken over by irrational fears centering around the figure of Oozo The Clown. Now, the time has come that he must confront them once and for all as a roly-poly rendition of Oozo happens to stand on his way to complete the whole Tentacle Quest.

Actually the “wobbly man” toy has a deep meaning in the ancient ZEN yoga philosophy – it symbolizes perseverance and the unwillingness to give up. How can a matial arts greenhorn like Bernard stand a chance against the pure wisdom of martial arts – against something that never falls down? Well, he will certainly have to go on a long journey first, during which he will have to gather all kinds of experiences (symbolized by the countless accumulated silly inventory items). Finally, when he returns to Oozo he will know exactly what move to use to flatten his opponent.

Technique: Maditation and Personal Development

Interactivity: 100%


LucasArts: 2

Sierra: -1

Games with Giant Robots: 2

Stage Fatalities: 3

Secret Weapon Uses: 2

Unpleasent Australians: 2

Main hero wears a hat: 4

Note: As I did not yet have a chance to play such martial arts classics like Heart of China I hope to be adding new games to the list sometime. So watch out for updates.

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