In modern times great adventure games don’t come in big shiny cardboard boxes and on multiple CDs. In fact very often they are just one click away from you in your internet browser.

Among some of the best of those are the works of Mateusz Skutnik of Pastel Games. His episodic adventure games resume consists of such well known series as Submachine and Daymare Town.

These games despite simple interfaces offer complex, creative puzzles in visually fascinating hand-drawn game worlds full of eerie atmosphere and a kind of surreal beauty. (more…)


il5This little comic strip was originally created to sweeten the reading time for people brave enough to venture into my giant-sized, almost philosophical essay Gamer’s (illusion of) freedom about how games limit your actions to the extreme and make you love it. Still, the comic is a minor masterpiece in itself, so it should be made possible to be admired by everyone. (more…)

My adventure gaming and classic LucasArts obsessions drove me to creating a Sam & Max themed comic strip (instead of doing something original). som_samIt’s a very self-conscious production that uses the fact that it is a (friendly) rip-off to its benefit by creating a slightly pythonesque mockery out of it. Not to mention there is a certain “quality” about it that makes it unlike any previous Sam & Max adventure. Another benefit of using the dynamite duo was that the comic ended up being posted on mixnmojo.com aka The International House of Mojo (Thanks Gabez!) – The Dojo of all things LucasArts (from its glory days at least). They made it available Behind the Mojohere to be exact. I should post a high resolution version here -> . <- sometime. UPDATE! The high resolution is here already!