In short: a hardy developer’s journal is a place for all hardy indie developers and other hardy people to read what articles and comments we hardy writers write about independent gaming, about adventure games and sometimes about other amazing creations that are either off-beat, or old school, or just plain cool for some other reason.

The long version: hardydev started out as a simple blog of mine and was meant to focus mostly on things I create for fun* – like cheesy and sweet stopmotion animations, crazy b&w comic shorts, and experimental amateur adventure games. Yet, to keep off the temptation of becoming completely egocentric I started to write about what I always write about – the most interesting adventure games out there. And old-school anime. And The Monkey Island Speech Project. So it quickly became a semi-professional magazine updated almost regularly by a ragtag team of veteran gamers and up-start game creators. A must-read for all people interested in serious amateur game developing and fans of Leiji Matsumoto alike.

Here is hoping, dear reader, you’ll find among those pages something that will make you go “Ah!”. Certainly not everything we offer is gold, but we are confident some things are.

Have fun!

Igor Hardy

* you can dive into the Intermissions to relive those modest beginnings archived in several shocking episodes.

The hardy authors:

Igor2.mailIgor Hardy is an old school casually hardcore PC gamer very much interested in the theoretical aspect of games and the minds of both players and game designers, which ultimately led him to limit his writing about those things and develop a few games on his own. While his primary love are adventure games, he avidly played classics of most genres, especially during the 90s. Today when he gets excited about games it is usually about stand-out indies or the perspectives of making adventure games popular again. Also, about the uses of storytelling techniques and certain kinds of innovation in gaming.

e-mail: igor at hardydev dot com

Marty.mailMartin Mulrooney is first and foremost a lover of a good story, regardless of the medium. This has resulted in him embarking on a journey to tell a few stories of his own, dabbling in key areas of the media such as magazine writing and design, voicework and screenwriting. Concurrently, he cultivated his fascination with the world of gaming which fits naturally in it all. Although he is now very much a console gamer – part of the playstation generation – he also still fondly holds on to the games of yesteryear (when the PC was king), and the adventure genre in particular.

© Igor Hardy and a hardy developer’s journal, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any original material without express and written permission from that material’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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