As it is usually the case when I write these bits many things have changed about our blog again. First of all, I wanted to introduce new writers that hopefully will make regular appearances and help make hardydevth a better place for everyone. (more…)


I’m a bit behind the schedule with some things that I announced at various places to various people to appear on the blog, so to keep the hopes up I decided to write a quick round-up of what is coming for sure. And soon. In the worst scenario I may not make it before May with everything. Also, in May someone should come to help me with the writing in general, so I expect the number of updates to jump up as well. Anyway, back to April.  Here are the current contenders in no particular order:

1) One of the main reasons I have less time to write new articles now (and sadly this trend will continue) is that I spend lots of it on making an adventure game. On my very own. And I want it to be finished in a decent amount of time too. I already have a working demo with a big chunk of the game. It is currently undergoing some (well, lots actually) polishing processes and I hope to release released sometime in May. In the meantime, I will publish the first entries in a production diary for the game, which will bring you more (lots more) details, as well as some artwork and screenshots.


Since the very first post the blog has grown quite a bit in content and even more attractions and surprises are already in the works. In consequence, I can already see that my production diaries and the actual productions won’t be the most prominent part of The Workshop anytime soon (although they’ll certainly keep appearing and shocking everyone). Instead, I decided that there are still many facets of gaming, especially adventure gaming and particularly the indie (and almost indie) parts of adventure gaming, that I don’t get to explore in my articles for Adventure Classic Gaming, but have an excellent chance to do it here. Expect both unorthodox methodology as well as odes to old school charms. Maybe even some in-depth conversations with the creators behind the most interesting titles. (more…)

Well, what I’d like this blog to first of all do is to encompass production diaries for all kinds of my creations (comics, animated movies, adventure games etc.), hence the “developer’s workshop” part of the title. I plan to always make the end products easily available as well (they are even more interesting!). At the moment I’m primary a writer though, so I will also link to, mostly game-related, publications of mine you can find around the web.

Between such major (at least for me) blog entries you can expect many short articles and interviews concerning indie adventure games, classic anime, my movie favorites and who knows what else. Just as long as something fits the overall style and suits my fancy it might get through the QA’s high standards and become a permanent addition of this cluttered workshop. I also plan to keep each month’s entries as varied as possible and generally favor topics that aren’t widely known. (more…)