Patrik Spacek's remade MI1 background from way back (click for more of his work)

Patrik Spacek's (MISP's Captain Smirk) remade MI1 background from way back (click for more of his work)

Time passes, things happen, but I can’t say I have had many hands-on (nor voice-on) experiences with the Monkey Island Speech Project in the recent months. I was just too wrapped up into several other projects, most importantly into the development of my own adventure game. But while some people are having fun, others are hard at work to have some for themselves. Most importantly, MISP was a bit robbed of its thunder lately as LucasArt’s commercial release based on pretty much the same idea and including remade visuals was announced. Secondly, there’s a new WIP ready for your pleasure with nearly 40% of all recordings done. Download here.

So, since the time my last diary entry was written, MISP established a sub-project to secure professional recording studios for as many of our actors as possible, lots of new people joined in for different roles in cast & crew, we had another change of the lead… And yet with all these changes the project still moves forward steadily. It almost seems like MISP has taken a life of its own. It now resembles a giant, blind squid. Equipped with tentacles with witch it’s trying to catch balloons in the air….

Anyway, it would be a real shame if the new remake killed the work of the fans at this point, but fortunately it doesn’t seem that it will. I asked our new project leader, Cornelius Huber, what is his stand on MISP getting accompanied by (or maybe confronted with?) a fully completed Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition in a week from now. Here is what he said:

The way I see it (and pretty much anybody else I talked to) the MI: SE represents a long awaited dream coming true for the fan community. While being thrilled by the recent decision of LEC’s to bring the classic masterpiece back to life, no one feels the necessity to compare the Speech Project to the MI: SE in terms of a rival project. The reason is, that there are unique qualities in each product that qualify them to co-exist.

A truly motivating factor for me is the marvelous skills people from all around the world put into the programming, their auditions and recordings. This allows us to achieve a level of quality that can easily keep up with industry standards and, in some aspects, goes even beyond that (talking ’bout heart and soul here).

On a sad note, I actually did notice a slight decrease of visits to our site over the past month. You simply cannot ignore the fact that there are 6 new Monkey Island games coming out.

However the community seem as hyped as ever about the speech patch and even Ron Gilbert and Dominic Armato seem to regard our small site with favor. The actors continue being motivated and we are receiving auditions in the usual frequency. At this rate, I see no reason whatsoever to discontinue the MI Speech Project anytime soon.

I must say that while I don’t feel bad about the inevitable domination of the Special Edition as the official THING I also hope people will stay with us to see how our – the simple folk’s – interpretations of the iconic characters will work out. And there’s already a huge sample of those available for checking out.

The new WIP features (among others) full voice over for Guybrush on Melee, full speech for pirate Nick, the Lookout, Stan, Herman, the Storekeeper, LeChuck, Head of the Navigator and a lot of temp voices for a couple of the other characters (cook, pirate leaders, smirk, canibals, etc.)

Go on fellow Monkey Island fan and MISP yourself while waiting for the final cut.