startitle3Frantic Franko: A Bergzwerg Gone Berserk is a funny albeit twisted little piece about a nasty dwarven warrior (axe and all that) and his quest for revenge. AND about the dwarf’s mysterious bag of junk conversation system..  (more in-depth summary here)

This is also a game that takes its characters’ development very seriously. As the the demo starts you’ll be already wondering if Franko is just another manly, invincible hero, a mad introvert genius, a primitive brute, or a complete psycho? By the time it ends… you’ll be permanently perplexed. Download it here or here.

The game offers:

0) hack, smell and bite your way through problems

1) a persuasive dwarf’s bag of junk conversations system – you can physically modify and expand your conversation interface!

2) alternative puzzle solutions

3) Bone Death Paean special feature

4) jumping, flying and hacking with an axe 🙂

5) hand-drawn visuals in stunning SVGA

6) jazzy soundtrack composed by Łukasz Pawlik and performed by Kattorna


– action choices via Verbcoin (keep pressed the mouse over a hotspot)

– right click for inventory

– F5/F7 – Save/Load game


All puzzles have proper hints and there are also alternative solutions to some of them. It’s all quite non-linear, but don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that one can try and enjoy the freedom to do some really crazy things (some cool ones are completely optional).

Franko.avatarSo if you still haven’t started yet, good places for downloading are found: here or here

A walkthrough for people who give up easily is available here.

The tentative date for the full version is end of the year 2009.