As it is usually the case when I write these bits many things have changed about our blog again. First of all, I wanted to introduce new writers that hopefully will make regular appearances and help make hardydevth a better place for everyone. Martin Mulrooney, a fellow writer from Adventure Classic Gaming, has already declared the desire to do so. And he is greatly needed indeed – to break the monotony of my indie PC gaming focused musings with his all-encompassing approach to gaming and interests in many platforms and genres. You can read more about him at the newly revamped Introduction page. Yet we have received also a first review from another writer. None other than Joe Davison who has recently made a fortune by selling his original Monkey Island Speech Project idea to LucasArts for their Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. With all this money he set on a trip around the world several weeks ago and was just hunting whales off the coast of Easter Islands as he agreed to take some time and write a review of Sam & Max Season 1 for us. Cheers, Joe!

The second change is perhaps symbolic, but nevertheless important. I decided to change the blog’s title (which isn’t currently particularly exposed) from a hardy developer’s workshop to a hardy developer’s journal. The reasoning behind this is that the internal development stuff is only a small part of the topics we cover in our articles. Consequently, “The Workshop” becomes just a section of  “The Journal” and is also a name under which our productions are released here.

So that’s it for now. Now, keep checking the blog for new ideas (from three or more heads) and for… Frantic Franko!