I’m a bit behind the schedule with some things that I announced at various places to various people to appear on the blog, so to keep the hopes up I decided to write a quick round-up of what is coming for sure. And soon. In the worst scenario I may not make it before May with everything. Also, in May someone should come to help me with the writing in general, so I expect the number of updates to jump up as well. Anyway, back to April.  Here are the current contenders in no particular order:

1) One of the main reasons I have less time to write new articles now (and sadly this trend will continue) is that I spend lots of it on making an adventure game. On my very own. And I want it to be finished in a decent amount of time too. I already have a working demo with a big chunk of the game. It is currently undergoing some (well, lots actually) polishing processes and I hope to release released sometime in May. In the meantime, I will publish the first entries in a production diary for the game, which will bring you more (lots more) details, as well as some artwork and screenshots.

2) Two good to be true? But wait, the next heavy waiting in the line is a smashing podcast with me and two other experts scrutinizing… Well, lets keep the what under the wraps for now. It’ an adventure gaming topic to be sure, but a very specific one.

3) Three your mind! Because what comes next is an interview with Jarosław Kuczek the developer of Butterfly – a full length cyberpunk adventure title to be released as freeware, but looking very professional and exciting so far.

4) Foureign language adventure games lovers already know very well the title Harvey and Edna. Or should I say Edna bricht aus? I promised a review of the German (the original) version of the game a while back, didn’t I? I wasn’t fooling around. I just didn’t have time to prepare any new reviews lately, but this is definitely the next review on my schedule.

5) Fivenally, I didn’t forget about the second part of my Gabriel Knight 3 Rennes-le-Chateau unmasking series. This time we shall take a visit to the famous RLC church. I didn’t give this follow-up the greatest priority since I prefer to have the articles very varied and avoid monotony like fire.

So what about anime and movie articles? Don’t worry, I can already feel I’ll be glad to take a break from games after I deliver the aforementioned demo.

And now I’m bringing back our ongoing poll for this Intermission (it doesn’t look good on the sidebar no matter what skin you give it). I encourage you to vote (even if you really don’t want to for some silly reason 🙂 ):

Note: The “Other” answers so far are: a fertilizing brain lubricant (1 vote) and a treasure map (1 vote)