mi1gifs005There is progress to report. Lots of it. And I can back up my words with all kinds of progress bars, progress gauges and recorded line counts (currently at 15.06%) that are now available to see at the official website here and here. The important news is that from dozens of applicants we have now finally chosen an actor to play Bob (the guy dancing on the right). The lucky person gave a performance completely different to what we discussed for the character’s traits, but still somehow won us over. The second important news is that we have publicly released a sort of WIP or demo of a patch that gets your copy of Secret of Monkey Island 100% voiced (but you’ll be grateful only for the aforementioned 15%)! If you don’t have a copy of the CD version, then you can still watch a video or two of what we have done.

Ok then, so what’s in this WIP? Well, first and foremost it contains the showcase conversations between Guybrush and The Lookout, but also lines for Captain LeChuck, Stan, Herman Toothrot, as well as temp voices for Estevan, Citizen of Melee, Head of The Navigator and The Man of Low Moral Fiber with a Goatee. I must say, it has made a huge impression on me and I felt proud being part of the project. I can say this pretty freely since my involvement in making the demo was minimal (taking part in a few casting discussions and decisions) and I never even heard the voices of LeChuck and Stan before.

Besides the voice talent work and Charlie Chai taking care of the coding aspect of things, all major work for the WIP was done by David Rogers himself. Sound processing consisted of going through picking takes (if there are multiple takes), cutting up the lines and cleaning the sound a bit (Currently Cornelius Huber has offered his help with more extensive cleaning as he’s experienced in that sort of work) and lots of, lots of testing.

Check it all out and you can look already forward to a second WIP, which is intended to contain the complete Scumm Bar conversations and maybe a surprise or two.


OK, so this was me talking – Cobb, your “Ask me about Loom” pirate. Now let’s see what the accidental passers-by had to say in connection to the WIP:

Thanks to the work of famous character actors like Pat Buttram and Gabby Hayes, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted Herman to sound like, so voicing him wasn’t much of a problem. Stan, on the other hand, was a huge challenge. The sleazy New York accent was easy, but going from amiable to theatrical to irritated to disappointed at the drop of a hat sometimes made me forget what his normal speaking voice sounded like. The most important thing for me to do was decide which of Stan‘s lines contained genuine emotion, and which ones were just salesman razzmatazz.

Steve Henel – Stan & Herman Toothrot

The voices so far are quite amazing, I especially think that whomever plays the pirate that had the “contact accident” has a really awesome voice.

Erich Hoover – Scripter (Linux & Mac OSX installation scripts)

In some dialogues, it was rather difficult for me to get into a swashbuckling mood when every 2nd line was synthesized. So…
Evaluating the already RECORDED sounds’ quality may be negatively influenced by having to listen to the robotic voices inbetween.

Cornelius Huber – The Lookout, Estevan “the pirate that had the contact accident”, newly appointed sound cleaning guy aka Sound Engineer

Oh and if anyone complains about most of the voices being robotic synthesized voices I’ll hunt you down and nail your hands to your ears.

David Rogers – Project Leader, Compiler


A bunch of quick news from The Important Looking Casters:

1) Bob (see above).

2) On the Elaine front. We have now several very promising sounding candidates. One particularly convincing audition was originally intended for Fester Shinetop. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t very much interested in playing Elaine, but looking at the current competition it doesn’t look like we could ever end up with a subpar performer for the role.

3) Also, we did get new acquirements for all sorts of roles, like The Head of The Navigator, Captain Smirk or Otis. You can follow them all up here. Welcome to the team guys!

$) We are also constantly discussing character traits for the still uncast roles, in part to make it easier for people to audition, in part to make it more difficult for them :). Some of the bolder ideas could get us into trouble…