Things just got more complicated, partner!

Somehow almost all my entries seem to go along with cartoony pictures. It’s hard to stay serious in such circumstances. Thankfully I have now dabbled in a realistic, gritty, FMV whodunit adventure game series called Casebook and am able to offer you a taste of something much more dark and realistic for a change. Dedicated especially to fans of solving crimes through methodical clue and evidence gathering and patience-demanding forensic work.

One major point of interest is the fact that this episodic production sports some pretty high quality filmed footage (and nothing of that blue box fakey thingie!). Another – the innovative technology for creating game world environments that is used in it for the first time ever. The tech aspect managed even to stir some interest at UPDATE! Check it out by yourself – a freeware mini episode has been released now.

So now to the actual readings. All the specifics about the Casebook games and about how they are created you can read in the interview I’ve conducted with its creative director Sam Clarkson for Adventure Classic Gaming. Then, you can check out my review of the first episode out of six called Kidnapped. The second one – The Watcher – has been just released as well. Supposedly it’s bigger, darker, more complex and with improved gameplay. I definitely recommend this series as something quite refreshing among the typical genre representatives.

Note: For a somewhat similar, gritty, whodunit adventure game series with FMV and strong casual gaming leanings I propose Bow Street Runner produced by the British Channel 4. It’s a spin-off to the TV series City of Vice. Takes place in the 18th century. And its freeware.