Since the very first post the blog has grown quite a bit in content and even more attractions and surprises are already in the works. In consequence, I can already see that my production diaries and the actual productions won’t be the most prominent part of The Workshop anytime soon (although they’ll certainly keep appearing and shocking everyone). Instead, I decided that there are still many facets of gaming, especially adventure gaming and particularly the indie (and almost indie) parts of adventure gaming, that I don’t get to explore in my articles for Adventure Classic Gaming, but have an excellent chance to do it here. Expect both unorthodox methodology as well as odes to old school charms. Maybe even some in-depth conversations with the creators behind the most interesting titles.

Ah yes, the creators… As you can see in the somewhat still sketchy, newly introduced compendium, creators are becoming one of my main focuses in The Workshop. I don’t differentiate between big and small ones (but for the blog posts I definitely pick my personal favorites). I’m a strong believer in that everyone is a creator at heart even if sometimes something keeps that person away from realizing his creative desires. In consequence, I’d like to propose a little poll where you can anonymously express what is the creation of your dreams. So go ahead, knock yourself out! (and prove my hypothesis right ;))

Note: The “Other” answers so far are: a fertilizing brain lubricant (1 vote) and a treasure map (1 vote)

There’s one more issue at hand. I’ve pretty much exhausted Leiji Matsumoto centered entries for now (but I’ll come back to his fascinating Leijiverse someday). I’m ready to move on to other classic anime titles. I’m not going too quickly about it though, so it’d be helpful if the anime fans out there told me if there’s something they would like to read about first. Here’s a list of my propositions in no particular order:

1. Lupin III – the original TV series from the early 70s or some of the early movies

2. Ashita no Joe – the original TV series from the early 70s

3. Saint Seiya – the original TV series from the late 80s

4. Ace wo Nerae! – the original TV series from the 70s

5. Shoujo Tsubaki – the legendary, cult movie made by Hiroshi Harada

Use the comments to express your preference.