snapsh102Here it is at last! Here you can watch the full movie! My premiere animated short! It was created by me and a small group of similar amateurs over the course of 2 very intense days, everyone contributing a part of his soul.

The film was part of a festival celebrating the art and memories of Warsaw from the 50s. The few happy and light moments of that pretty grim period in Poland’s history.

As you’ll probably already guessed the presented story is a bit of a period piece. Don’t pay too much attention to the fact that the songs are American Jazz instead of Polish as they should (I’m personally responsible for this disgrace).


The Team Who Did It: Marysia Białota, Katarzyna Murzanowska, Aśka Sawicka, Katarzyna Smolnicka, Joanna Wodnicka… and me!

Professional advice and design of the scenography: Jakub Głębicki


Note: The watermark is the symbol of The Warsaw Rising Museum which was responsible for the whole animation devoted portion of the festival I’ve written about.