When I started this blog I thought I was a bit late too include references to 2008 holiday celebrations, but it appears that I can – on the pretext of  others being late too.


The talented team behind Indiana Jones and The Fountain of Youth DEMO, which is still working on the full version of this very promising adventure game in the style of the classic Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, have just released a very special (if a bit late) Christmas/New Year’s Greetings surprise making adventure fans happy all over the world. By doing so they prolonged (or at least brought back a little) holiday atmosphere far into January, which makes the experience even more nice. Now, the said surprise is called Indiana Jones and… (already surprised? ;)) …Indiana Jones and The Temple of Spheres and it’s a very short and simple, but immensely fun adventure of  Mr Jones and Miss Shelly in a Tibetan temple that is unlike anything  the man in the hat has ever encountered before. I really do recommend everyone to try it.

But wait! This small tasty treat has brought me memories of certain other festive adventure titles from way back, so I’m going to talk a bit about that now.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but the previous three holiday seasons have seen not entirely dissimilar holiday specials-adventure games under the title of Christmas Quest (1,2 & 3). This trilogy was created by the forces behind the great Adventure Gamers adventure gaming site. As with Temple of Spheres it is all made using the popular AGS tool and completely freeware. As for the story, Christmas Quest tells in a most competent manner the grand tale of a dorky guy who spends his Christmas alone at home trying to run The Best Adventure Game Ever having all fates against him as it seems. Very exciting stuff and with a lot of real heart and holiday nostalgia put into it. You will find the whole triad of quests here.


Indiana Jones and The Fountain of Youth - Don't you forget about this game! (coming in 2011)

OK, I already played those four, so is there any more of these things, you ask? Well there is also the very cool but old Jack in The Dark (created to promote Alone in The Dark 2) and there is the commercial Sam & Max 201 if you’re not afraid to spend money (or subscribe to Telltale‘s newsletter – it’s free then).

Have a Jolly Good Time with any of those!

Note: Speaking of holidays, there was also some intense Day of The Dead celebrating in 2008 with a Grim Fandango 10th Anniversary madness.