the good (very good in fact) anime to watch and its main heroes - Galaxy Express 999

What you know, I’ve just learned about a place where you can legally watch some good (and bad) classic anime (as classic as it gets) on the internet. Specifically some of the series that I will be writing about in this blog. I decided this qualifies for a worthwhile news as those anime titles aren’t easy to come by in every part of the world. On the other hand, I’m a bit embarrassed to recommend the website http://www.crunchyroll.com. It looks like a huge amalgam of everything and nothing, very much resembling YouTube yet with a focus on Asian productions – not very encouraging. The difference is that CrunchyRoll has recently started to make deals with Japanese animation studios who agreed to publish their anime legally there.

I’d say that Toei is currently the one studio of real interest among these. It deals with real classics having huge archives filled to the brim with valuable stuff from its long history. For now they offer the first episodes of three landmark series that are worth at least a try to everyone. Two among these are the essential Leiji Matsumoto’s creations: Space Pirate Captain Harlock (read my review here) and Galaxy Express 999 from the 70s. The third series is, well, considered classic, but I’d be far from calling it good. “Interestingly bad” seems to be the right term. It’s called Hokuto no KenFist of The North Star and its from the 80s.

At the moment you can watch respectively 1, 2 and 11 episodes of each of these series. For free. With a decent video quality. Japanese audio and English subtitles. And a release of new episodes every week. You can also pay  a monthly fee to get some better deals if you really want. The only unfortunate limitation to all this is that the said series are available only to selected countries, at least for now. Europe is excluded because of some complex licensing conflicts and unless you pretend to be from a different region than you are you may easily find all those unique anime frustratingly just out of reach.

Note: Beware! Highly Recommended! For your pleasure or displeasure the following montage is a short presentation of what the shameless Hokuto no Ken is about:

the good guy from the bad anime (with nunchuku)

Kenshiro - the good guy (with nunchaku)

the bad guys from the bad anime

random bad guys (similar ones in each episode)

the ugly thing the good guy does to the bad guys in the bad anime

the ugly thing that happens to the bad guys a few seconds after the good guy says: "You don't even know you're already dead!"