Well, what I’d like this blog to first of all do is to encompass production diaries for all kinds of my creations (comics, animated movies, adventure games etc.), hence the “developer’s workshop” part of the title. I plan to always make the end products easily available as well (they are even more interesting!). At the moment I’m primary a writer though, so I will also link to, mostly game-related, publications of mine you can find around the web.

Between such major (at least for me) blog entries you can expect many short articles and interviews concerning indie adventure games, classic anime, my movie favorites and who knows what else. Just as long as something fits the overall style and suits my fancy it might get through the QA’s high standards and become a permanent addition of this cluttered workshop. I also plan to keep each month’s entries as varied as possible and generally favor topics that aren’t widely known.

The last important thing to remember is that the whole blog is in a state of constant flux, so it may be worthwhile to come back to older posts sometimes.

Note: Eventually my Polish nationality may come through one way or another, or I may start speaking in funny English (possibly on purpose), but such occasions will be provided with appropriate translations if pointed out.

UPDATE (20.02.2009): Well, this was then. But things never stay the same. Read about what happened next in episode two.